<strong>圣诞坏公公2 Bad Santa 2 (2016)</strong>

圣诞坏公公2 Bad Santa 2 (2016)

米拉迈克斯公司(Miramax) 和Broad Green Pictures公司宣布,他们将为2003年喜剧《圣诞坏公公》(Bad Santa)拍摄续集,原版主演比利·鲍勃·松顿(Billy Bob Thornton)也会回归... 查看详情 »

<strong>微光湖 Shimmer Lake (2017)</strong>

微光湖 Shimmer Lake (2017)

An inventive crime thriller told backwards -- reversing day by day through a week -- following a local sheriff's quest to unlock the mystery of three small town
criminals and a bank heist gone wrong... 查看详情 »

<strong>石造住宅杀人案 / 断指杀人案 / 石雕宅邸杀人案 / 석조저택 살인사건 (2017)</strong>

石造住宅杀人案 / 断指杀人案 / 石雕宅邸杀人案 / 석조저택 살인사건 (2017)

1947年,京城发生了一起可疑杀人案,唯一的证据为被截断的手指,与案件产生关系的包括京城最大的财阀和将过去全部抹去的身份不明的司机……... 查看详情 »

<strong>血腥担保2 Bonded by Blood 2 (2017)</strong>

血腥担保2 Bonded by Blood 2 (2017)

In the aftermath of the infamous 'Essex Boys' Range Rover killings, a group of younger, flashier criminals emerge to fill the power vacuum... 查看详情 »

<strong>勒索 / Extortion (2017)</strong>

勒索 / Extortion (2017)

当一个加勒比家庭的假期发生灾难性的转变时,父亲发现自己被一个冷血的渔夫所控制,并不顾一切地争分夺秒地拯救他的妻子和儿子... 查看详情 »

<strong>谋杀,她:烤成甜点 / Murder, She Baked: Just Desserts (2017)</strong>

谋杀,她:烤成甜点 / Murder, She Baked: Just Desserts (2017)

Hannah investigates the murder of a fellow bake-off judge... 查看详情 »

<strong>黯然失色 / Eclipse / 이클립스 / 蚀 / 커터 (2016)</strong>

黯然失色 / Eclipse / 이클립스 / 蚀 / 커터 (2016)

Yoon-jae moves to a new high school and starts hanging out with Se-joon, a mysterious student.
  This movie will bring out cold sweats as tension never ends in the typical life of a high school stu... 查看详情 »

<strong>爱的猎犬 Hounds of Love (2016)</strong>

爱的猎犬 Hounds of Love (2016)

Vicki Maloney is randomly abducted from a suburban street by a disturbed couple. As she observes the dynamic between her captors she quickly realises she must drive a wedge between them if she is to s... 查看详情 »

<strong>情人节 / Lovers' Day / Valentine's Day / Superbad / Суперплохие (2016)</strong>

情人节 / Lovers' Day / Valentine's Day / Superbad / Суперплохие (2016)

Contemporary Moscow. Danya, a struggling actor, has just lost his girlfriend. His troubles soon multiply when his younger brother Dima shows up at his apartment with a friend who has a bullet in his s... 查看详情 »

<strong>Vincent N Roxxy (2016) [美国最新犯罪片]</strong>

Vincent N Roxxy (2016) [美国最新犯罪片]

A small town loner and a rebellious punk rocker unexpectedly fall in love as they are forced on the run and soon discover violence follows them everywhere... 查看详情 »

<strong>情不自禁 Take Me (2017)</strong>

情不自禁 Take Me (2017)

瑞在精品模拟绑架业务。这是一个破旧的市场,所以他跳的机会的时候,一个神秘的电话合同,他最后一个英俊的发薪日周末绑架。但是这份工作并不是看上去的全部... 查看详情 »

<strong>死亡笔记:点亮新世界 デスノート / Light up the NEW world / 死亡笔记2016 / Death Note 2016 / Death Note: Light Up The Ne</strong>

死亡笔记:点亮新世界 デスノート / Light up the NEW world / 死亡笔记2016 / Death Note 2016 / Death Note: Light Up The Ne

续集故事设定在夜神月和L大战十年后,6本死亡笔记散落人间,同时拥有这六本的人将拥有主宰世界的强大力量,更加悬疑惊悚的杀人事件接连上演!10月29日震撼上映... 查看详情 »

<strong>一条龙 / 联线 / 内线 / ONE-LINE / 원라인 / On Line / One Line (2017) [韩国最新犯罪片]</strong>

一条龙 / 联线 / 内线 / ONE-LINE / 원라인 / On Line / One Line (2017) [韩国最新犯罪片]

由任时完、晋久、朴炳垠、李东辉等主演的新类型犯罪娱乐片《One Line》(导演:杨景模)定档3月29日上映。《One Line》讲述了一位本来无比平凡的大学生民宰(音,任时完 饰)遇到了行骗老手张科长(晋久 饰),隐藏所有的一切并加入新... 查看详情 »

<strong>哈顿花园的工作 The Hatton Garden Job (2017)</strong>

哈顿花园的工作 The Hatton Garden Job (2017)

The Enfield Expendables could become a reality in the near future as UK distribution and sales outfit Metrodome moves into development on a feature film based on last year’s Hatton Garden raid - a he... 查看详情 »

<strong>厄运 Misfortune (2016)</strong>

厄运 Misfortune (2016)

When a young man| down on his luck| learns about his father's killer's parole| it sets off a cat and mouse chase through the hostile desert| searching for a hidden... 查看详情 »

<strong>异邦警察 电影版 / ディアスポリス -DIRTY YELLOW BOYS- / 异邦警察(台) (2016)</strong>

异邦警察 电影版 / ディアスポリス -DIRTY YELLOW BOYS- / 异邦警察(台) (2016)

故事讲述在东京地下,有高达15万人的非法入境者,这些异邦人成立了自己的秘密政府,松田翔太饰演的异邦警察则游走在这个灰暗的地下世界... 查看详情 »

<strong>年轻 Molodoj / Молодой (2017)</strong>

年轻 Molodoj / Молодой (2017)

鲁斯兰Belozortsev - 港口的所有者,典型的大,这是不以任何限制使用的儿子。他富有的父亲和无忧无虑的生活。但是,一切都改变了,当他的父亲被杀害,并在非常真实的狩猎开始鲁斯兰娜。它只能相信保安罗马的父亲。他们两个要... 查看详情 »

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