<strong>午夜43路 / 恐怖在線 / Twilight Online (2014)</strong>

午夜43路 / 恐怖在線 / Twilight Online (2014)

七月十四,猛鬼横行。阴风惨淡的港府,上演着一幕幕惊心动魄的灵异事件。屯门友爱村某公寓,有人报警一名红衣女子尖叫着跳楼身亡。神探古爷(张兆辉 饰)带领新人B仔(蔡瀚億 饰)匆匆赶到,却发现现场没有任何痕迹,录像器材也未记录... 查看详情 »

<strong>布莱尔女巫 / Blair Witch [蓝光高清] 邪林 / 树林 / 女巫布莱尔2 / The Woods / 厄夜丛林:布莱尔女巫(台) / 死亡习作:布莱尔女巫(港) / 死亡习作:咒怨森林 </strong>

布莱尔女巫 / Blair Witch [蓝光高清] 邪林 / 树林 / 女巫布莱尔2 / The Woods / 厄夜丛林:布莱尔女巫(台) / 死亡习作:布莱尔女巫(港) / 死亡习作:咒怨森林

Involve a group of college students on a camping trip who discover they are not alone.... 查看详情 »

<strong>灰姑娘玩洋娃娃 Playing With Dolls (2015)</strong>

灰姑娘玩洋娃娃 Playing With Dolls (2015)

Stina a single mother has fallen on hard times. When she has hit rock bottom she is offered a job on a reality horror show, with the promise of a million dollars to the winner. The group of contestant... 查看详情 »

<strong>尸检无名女尸 / The Autopsy of Jane Doe / 验尸官(台) (2016)</strong>

尸检无名女尸 / The Autopsy of Jane Doe / 验尸官(台) (2016)

Cox and Hirsch play father and son coroners who receive a mysterious homicide victim with no apparent cause of death. As they attempt to identify the beautiful young "Jane Doe," they discover increa... 查看详情 »

<strong>好消息 Good Tidings (2016)</strong>

好消息 Good Tidings (2016)

A homeless war-veteran with a chequered past must rely on a side of himself once thought buried when he and his companions are targeted by three vicious psychopaths
wearing Santa suits on Christmas Da... 查看详情 »

<strong>埃德加艾伦坡的灯塔看守人 Edgar Allan Poes Lighthouse Keeper (2016)</strong>

埃德加艾伦坡的灯塔看守人 Edgar Allan Poes Lighthouse Keeper (2016)

Marooned on a remote peninsula and haunted by frightening specters| a young man must confront the grotesque denizens of the night| or heed the Lighthouse Keeper's... 查看详情 »

<strong>另一半 Other Halves (2015)</strong>

另一半 Other Halves (2015)

A team of programmers develop a revolutionary new dating app called Other Halves. On the night before the app is set to launch, they discover it causes strange side effects: users lose all self-contro... 查看详情 »

<strong>选择 The Culling (2015)</strong>

选择 The Culling (2015)

A terrifying supernatural thriller in which a group of college friends on a road trip find themselves fighting off dark forces at a remote farmhouse after a chance encounter with a strange little girl... 查看详情 »

<strong>春假杀手 / 机械头 / Machine Head (2011) [惊悚片]</strong>

春假杀手 / 机械头 / Machine Head (2011) [惊悚片]

Three college girls staying at an isolated home for spring break suddenly find themselves terrorized by a maniac on the road.... 查看详情 »

<strong>恐怖出游2 Hayride 2 (2015)</strong>

恐怖出游2 Hayride 2 (2015)

The end of one journey only marks the beginning of another as Detective Loomis returns to uncover the truth behind the Legend of Pitchfork... 查看详情 »

<strong>污物 Muck (2015)</strong>

污物 Muck (2015)

After narrowly escaping an ancient burial ground| long forgotten and buried underneath the marshes of Cape Cod| a group of friends emerge from the thick| marshy... 查看详情 »

<strong>僵尸世界 Zombieworld (2015)</strong>

僵尸世界 Zombieworld (2015)

There is nowhere to hide...nowhere to run...the Zombie Apocalypse has come| and our world now belongs to the dead! From Ireland| Canada| Australia| Europe and all... 查看详情 »

<strong>燃烧的亡魂 / 火山僵尸 / 烈焰僵尸 / The Burning Dead (2015)</strong>

燃烧的亡魂 / 火山僵尸 / 烈焰僵尸 / The Burning Dead (2015)

电影由丹尼特乔,DannyTrejo,ThomasDowney主演;讲述对警长熔岩充满僵尸燃烧的死坑AA部落被控困境从火山喷发营救的疏远家人。特雷霍扮演夜狼,美洲原住民的战士,谁知道太多关于出土的棺材道奇的诅咒。... 查看详情 »

<strong>死亡之城 City of Dead Men (2016)</strong>

死亡之城 City of Dead Men (2016)

Michael (21 years old)| a young American| arrives moneyless to Medellin after having traveled all through South America as a backpacker. In Medellin| Michael meets a... 查看详情 »

<strong>科学怪人VS木乃伊 Frankenstein vs. The Mummy (2015)</strong>

科学怪人VS木乃伊 Frankenstein vs. The Mummy (2015)

In New York| the professor of the medical university Dr. Victor Frankenstein is buying body parts from the janitor Carter to build a corpse and reanimate it. The... 查看详情 »

<strong>冰上的比基尼女孩 Bikini Girls on Ice (2009)</strong>

冰上的比基尼女孩 Bikini Girls on Ice (2009)

为筹集资金,某大学女子足球队的女孩们在不靠谱的布莱克(塔瑞克·加德 Tarek Gader 饰)的号召下,身着比基尼来到位于小镇边缘的废弃加油站提供擦车服务。然而此地荒凉,杳无人烟,偏巧他们搭乘的校车巴士出了故障。女孩们无计... 查看详情 »

<strong>幻象俱乐部 / Tulpa / Tulpa Perdizioni Mortali (2012)</strong>

幻象俱乐部 / Tulpa / Tulpa Perdizioni Mortali (2012)

Lisa Boeri is a successful businesswoman obsessed with her career - on day. But on night| she is visiting private nightclub Tulpa| club where your sickest| most... 查看详情 »

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